Poetry will be made by everyone.


11:15 08-08-2022
Piizza Cat!
Fan since someordinarygamers visited this place!
18:07 08-07-2022
agora eu quero ver o anime por causa desse site
11:31 08-07-2022
Toby CA
Prosper of the light, the sounds and reality itself. Where does it start? Where does it really end?
04:44 08-07-2022
00:30 08-07-2022
you have awesome music taste, and i genuinely love the visuals you put in here with the music fitting along with it
03:07 08-06-2022
damn...its good to know that this website is the thing that got me into lain & neocities in the first place lol
00:33 08-06-2022
I miss when fauux was actually like... obscure and niche. But also I'm happy you're getting the credit you deserve..... sigh.
14:35 08-05-2022
i keep coming back.
Replied on: 15:43 08-05-2022

Seems like a lot of us keep returning for whatever reason.

12:57 08-05-2022
i'm gay
Replied on: 15:43 08-05-2022

dude, haram

09:48 08-05-2022
The Nobody #34
You have brought light to our people, and to that, we thank you for it. -The Nobody #32
Replied on: 15:44 08-05-2022

It ain't much, but it's honest work. Want to spread the message of SEL.

07:22 08-05-2022
Studio M
Been Following for 4+ Years, keep it rolling
Replied on: 15:45 08-05-2022

That's great to hear, I will keep it under maintenance and occasionally add new content.

21:25 08-04-2022
Я достигну Лейн, чтобы помощь ей
Replied on: 15:47 08-05-2022

Я надеюсь, что вы достигнете того места, где вы хотите быть в этот день. Удачи.

21:21 08-04-2022
Sector Nule Mary
Dercas fo hcruhc eht ma i
Replied on: 15:48 08-05-2022

I greet you, church of sacred. May you shine a light on all us sinners.

20:42 08-04-2022
Я - Булат. Я достигну цели...
Replied on: 15:49 08-05-2022

Приветствую вас, Булат, пусть ваше путешествие будет приятным.

19:38 08-04-2022
bășinosu roade osu 😷
Replied on: 20:01 08-04-2022


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