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19:34 08-04-2022
hello felipe says hi
Replied on: 15:49 08-05-2022

Hello dude, welcome!

16:06 08-04-2022
this weebsite thinks like me talks like me and it tuches like my body tuching the ground surface of the sun heat in exchange of cold im usualy a lonly human i dont have much humans to talk to so i spend my time hare i like these weebsite
Replied on: 15:50 08-05-2022

Umarım bu dünyadaki yerinizi bulursunuz. İyi şanslar.

16:02 08-04-2022
i will always cherish this piece of culture and i hope you stick around for many years to come
Replied on: 15:52 08-05-2022

Thank you for those kind words, I will surely keep this site alive as long as Neocities lives.

13:36 08-04-2022
My biggest piece of comfort. Let’s all love Lain.
Replied on: 15:53 08-05-2022

Is it really? That's insane! I'm honoured, LALL my friend.

11:59 08-04-2022
Lain would be very proud of this work of net art. In fact, I think it is the closest thing to giving life to her concept. Thanks to the creators.
Replied on: 15:56 08-05-2022

I'm humbled that you think this, thank you for your kind words. God bless you.

03:35 08-04-2022
Thank you for years of enjoyment
Replied on: 15:56 08-05-2022

Thank you for keeping the spirit of Lain alive in your heart.

03:00 08-04-2022
comfort website
Replied on: 15:57 08-05-2022

Don't get fat staying on my website for too long.

02:07 08-04-2022
Replied on: 15:59 08-05-2022

konnichiwa (n__n) welcome to my website desu~ uwu

10:58 08-03-2022
not wired
The internet is so cold and lonely place. It is not wiring thing at all, at least now... If you are not able to communicate IRL, you also may not be able to do that in internet too. Then you are just doomed to be alone forever. Internet is cold for those who are lost...
Replied on: 11:56 08-03-2022

I think you're correct. There is nothing right now that can compare to real human interaction, something many of us desperately need. It's hard to find a true connection on the internet, but it's possible. But thinking there is some kind of meaning to the internet is naive, it is in the end only a tool made by corrupt humans.

07:09 08-03-2022
the last 9 years old, you did your best work, and now everybody happy about that
Replied on: 11:57 08-03-2022

9 years is a long time, even though it feels I just left.

01:25 08-03-2022
present day; present time?
Replied on: 11:58 08-03-2022

I can only see ahead atm, there's nothing in the present.

00:26 08-03-2022
yoooo fauux got the lilyholic bbs on the site now lets go
Replied on: 12:00 08-03-2022

Yo dude, I should have done this 9 years ago, would be very fun.

20:41 08-02-2022
omg i love this Let’s all love Lain!
Replied on: 12:03 08-03-2022

Thanks bro, let's all love Lain until the day our souls die.

15:35 08-02-2022
Replied on: 12:02 08-03-2022

سلام دوست سیمی من

13:21 08-02-2022
this is so cool lol, i hope ur all doing great
Replied on: 14:41 08-02-2022

Thank you, I'm doing good. I hope you're in a good place in your life too.

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